iPads vs Textbooks

We talk about textbooks, iPads, and digital learning technology every single day. Guilty as charged. But what happens when you miss some of our awesometastic updates and just want a quick refresh? Moreover, what happens when you are tired of text and need something a bit more infographic-y?

ere’s an infographic that gets you quickly up to speed on what’s happening in the iPads-versus-textbooks battle royale happening right now around the world.

Click the infographic to enlarge!


  1. morellok

    February 20, 2012 at 9:10 am

    From all the articles on Edutopia about iPads and eTextbooks you would think that Apple had actually come out with some big new concept. I have been using etextbook for physics for the past 10 years at least. Hippocampus.org has some wonderful materials in a variety of content areas and all are free to use. Another physics online and free “textbook” is physicsclassroom.com which has all sorts of basic “textbook” type materials along with a wealth of interactive features, problem sets, review materials and so on. I have made my own custom textbook for each unit using Moodle’s book module so that my students can follow materials in order I would like them to use. This allowed me to insert all sorts of websites, class materials, simulations, and multimedia materials. My students have found it very useful to print some of these materials to OneNote and make their notes alongside the materials in the book. Using their convertible laptop/tablet which has a physical keyboard as well as a pen and dual touch screen, the process is extrememly user friendly. I realize many schools are adopting iPads because they perceive the cost to be much less than convertible laptop/tablet option; however, when the total IT budget for implementing a robust 1-1 learning enviornment that will position students for the next step into the world of higher education or the workplace the cost difference is greatly reduced.

    Without a well thought out plan for training teachers and getting infrastructure set up, any 1-1 program is only going to look like the school is implementing technology when in reality it is wasting a ton on money on IT trinkets.

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  3. jamesmckee0620

    February 20, 2012 at 9:47 pm

    The infographic assumes that the entire “value” of an iPad is wrapped up in replacing textbooks, which it’s not. The power in putting an internet-connected device in every kids hands in school has nothing to do with accessing one of the textbooks put out by the major publishers and sold by iTunes. The power is in the transformational nature of students having access to the entire world at their fingertips every second of the day. This can transform teaching in ways that my feeble imagination can’t even begin to fathom.

  4. SamanthaClark

    February 22, 2012 at 10:36 am

    iBooks 2 have rather unfairly claimed to revolutionize textbooks. They are neither fresh conceptually or have the adaptability to make such a massive claim, whereas CK-12 FlexBooks (www.ck12.org) have been pioneering customizable digital content for the past five years. They deliver high quality content for STEM subjects, especially, on a flexible customizable platform that allows you to tailor personalized content. So iBooks getting the kind of mileage it’s getting seems quite unfair. But then it’s an Apple product.