An Incredible Way To Teach Music Using iPads In The Classroom [Video]

What happens when you take a classroom of students, add 24 iPads as well as sound recording gear and then throw in a live band? A pretty catchy song that gives you hope for the future of music in the digital age.

Sounding like a professionally recorded and mixed track, Neil Johnston of Store Van Music (UK), created the song in a british classroom as you can see in the video below. The song has gotten so much acclaim that it’s actually now on sale at iTunes (iTunes link).

[FYI: Neil contacted Edudemic to let everyone know about the new experiment and how it's helping students with their music, rhythm, and learning. Edudemic wasn't paid or reimbursed in any way. I simply really enjoyed Neil's work and wanted to get the word out.]

Store Van Music is actually starting a tour where they’ll go to schools in the UK and help the students create outstanding music using iPads and their minds.

Their stated goal is to put a stop to the 80% dropout rate of students in the musical arts. As you can see from their website, they’re a passionate bunch with some terrific motivation.

Get It In Your School

Store Van Music is planning a US tour of the northeast in November and a southwest tour in January. Keep an eye on their website for details.

If you’re in the UK, you may still be able to get Store Van Music to your school as well. Just click here to check out their website for more information.

About Neil

Neil founded Store Van Music whilst still at university as a means of writing and self-publishing his musical compositions. Within Store Van Music’s first year Neil was awarded a record breaking award from the Princes Trust and was pitching music to grammy award winning artists and major corporate brands.

Store Van Music now exists today with a recording/writing suite based in Guildford, Surrey, has a fantastic team of passionate young musicians and professionals and holds a revolutionary view of music in education.

Whilst working with Store Van Music’s projects Neil also works as a consultant within the Music and Media Industries, and gets into schools, colleges + universities, interacting with young musicians as often as possible.


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  9. Steve Banister

    January 8, 2013 at 5:44 am

    iPads in Music Classroom is just perfect, its more of making the best use of technology. There’s an app garage band that i use for teaching my students in music class. And its already widespread in its use. Im took an online learning for that too: iPads in the Music Classroom 101-

    This course was really really helpful and the tutor is just amazing :)