Simple iPad Usage Guidelines For The Classroom

When I was a kid, my dad always made me wash my hands before I was allowed to play video games. I’m not kidding. He would go on and on about how he hated picking up a sticky controller. When I went to friends’ houses, it felt like an immense luxury – a permitted naughtiness of sorts – to sit down and play video games without washing my hands first.

So what’s the moral of that story? Every family has different practices. You have expensive devices in your classroom, and you can’t necessarily assume that your students will have been all taught the same way to take care of those devices. If you want to keep your classroom devices intact and fully functioning, it is important that your students know what is expected of them when they’re using that device. Have you clearly communicated device usage guidelines to your students?


If not, the graphic below may be for you. (Click on the link to find the original author and a larger sized download available at Teachers Pay Teachers). It is easy to understand, easy to read, and helps students remember what is expected of them when they’re using their device!

ipad use guidelines

ipad usage guidelines

ipad use guideline