5 Little-Known iPad Accessories Great For Classrooms

There are a ton of ‘official’ Apple iPad accessories made by the Cupertino company. They have crazy descriptions and you’d think they would be made of solid platinum with a sprinkling of fairy dust. The descriptions are just so over the top it makes me laugh. Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple despite their recent missteps. I just got a new iPhone and there are new iPads on the horizon as well.

So what’s a teacher or student to do? There’s a pretty big chance that some of you reading this article are going to be purchasing some new Apple iPads (and iPhones) in the coming months. You’ll need to do your research and make sure you get the right device for you.

But what about all the accessories that come with each iPad? You need a case, a screen protector, a stand, and some other stuff just to make it as useful as possible for all students in the classroom.

I thought it might be useful to show off an array of little-known Apple accessories that could be of some real use for your classroom. I compiled this list over the course of several weeks using Pinterest, Diigo, web searches, and blog reading. I tried to come up with a smattering of useful accessories that I had never seen before. If I missed your favorite classroom iPad accessory, let me know in the comments and I can add it in!

iPad / iPhone CableKeep


An interesting take on cable wrapping for those little chargers that don’t come with the handy handles to wrap your white wire around. This solves the problem and looks good doing it. Available at Urban Outfitters.

Brydge Keyboard With Speakers for iPad

brydge ipad keyboard

When you need a keyboard to truly get the most out of your iPad (typing a paper, perhaps?) then this keyboard is one I haven’t seen around. That’s surprising since it mimics the MacBook Pro and other Apple keyboards quite nicely. Available at rstyle.me

Magnetic iPad Holder

magnetic ipad holder

So great for classrooms. Got a wall or a cabinet? Want to make a space-saving learning lab in your classroom corner? Just get some of these (somewhat costly at $90) mounts and you can throw an iPad onto a wall safely and securely. Available at Dynalog

Smart Cargo for iPad


This is a Kickstarter that is way over the goal. It looks like a fabulous way to store a few extra things in your iPad case without having to lug around stuff like a charger cable, etc. Great for classrooms! Available at Kickstarter



Great for students (and adults) who you absolutely want to ensure hold onto an iPad. Got a bit of clumsiness in you? Try out the Grabbit holder which is quite soft and easy to integrate into your iPad usage. I like this one a bunch! Available at iPadGrabbit