Introducing Tweader: Our New App That Reads Your Tweets To You

You’re busy. You don’t have as much time as you’d like to spend reading, curating, and replying to all the communications on Twitter. Heck, if you’re lucky you have a few minutes to do all that. But what if you could turn your Twitter stream into a non-stop 24-7 audio book? It would be like having your own radio station except it’s filled with the exact words that your friends and colleagues are tweeting.

It would be the world’s first way to do hands-free tweeting, both writing AND listening (writing coming in the form of voice recording, due out this summer). I think it’s a great idea which is why it’s the reason I created Tweader, the world’s first app that reads your entire Twitter stream to you. If you’re a fan of fast-paced audio books that relentlessly continue no matter what, then Tweader is for you.

How It Works

Here’s how it works: you load up the Tweader app (iOS and Android versions available soon!), log in using your Twitter account, then it just starts going. You can turn the screen off, plug in your headphones or sync via bluetooth to your desired speaker setup, and just listen.

We were able to use a calm-yet-robotic male Siri-esque voice in the app and are working on various language translations. Right now Tweader is only available in English and Creole.

Rapid-Fire Tweets Supported

If you’re a fan of #edchat, you can set up Tweader so it reads every hashtag tweet you desire. It’d be a great way to listen to #edchat without having to look at your computer or mobile phone. Right now, Tweader speeds up depending on how many tweets you get. Follow thousands of people? It’ll zoom along and be nearly impossible to understand. We’re working on it.

Can’t wait to download the app? We’ll have a beta out on April Fools’ Day 2013. Check back soon!

Listen To A Sample

[wpaudio url="" text="Click here to listen to a sample of Tweader" dl="0"]