Love Education and Technology? Intern With Edudemic!

Reconcile the following equation where:

= Edudemic

= Ways Edudemic is Awesome–i.e., ∞ (infinity)

= Hours Needed to Produce said Awesomeness

= Edudemic’s Need for an Intern

= Developing Edudemic Initiatives

(Please note that X itself may or may not = you.)







Edudemic connects education and technology, and is currently expanding that effort. This is going to take ideas, effort, and community.  (And Google+.) The position is telecommuting, starting in February and renewable every 3 months. It is currently an unpaid internship, but the experience, portfolio bolstering, networking opportunities, and broad platform make it ideal for a variety of candidates. If you have any (or all) of the following characteristics, email Terry Heick or Jeff Dunn with a brief bio, resume, or compelling case to help support the innovation of education through technology.

-Passion for education and/or technology

-Solid communication skills (we’re not picky here; I’m allowed to post if that tells you anything) [EDITOR'S NOTE: It's true. He is.]

-Experience “working the internet”

-Curiosity about the growing field of social media