4 Ways The Internet Is Making Kids Smarter

The internet brings so much information to our fingertips. It makes doing research a much smoother, faster process, and it enables us to not have to lug around tons of heavy books. We can connect more easily with old friends and new acquaintances. It streamlines our work in the classroom and our students’ work too. It also makes our students smarter, apparently. The handy infographic below takes a look at 4 ways that the internet is making kids smarter. 

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 4 Ways The Internet is Making Kids Smarter

  • By the age of 2, 90% of kids have an online history
  • By the age of 5, 50% have used a tablet or other internet connected device
  • By the age of 7/8, many are playing video games regularly

Improved Cognition

  • Using the internet can improve cognitive abilities like:
  • Spatial and logical problem solving
  • Memory
  • Abstraction
  • Comprehension
  • Critical Thinking

Increased Interest in Reading

  • 62% of children would rather read a printed book than something on the internet
  • Kids use the internet to find out about new books, find out more about books, research authors, etc
  • K-1 students who are presented with digital text along with a dictionary show improvement in phonological awareness, word-reading skills, and vocabulary awareness
  • Older readers who use e-readers show increased fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension
  • Studies with various apps show up to a 25% gain with use of technology

Improved Writing Ability

  • Improved writing rates are thought to be linked to students doing more writing out of school, now that they use computers often (and texting, etc)
  • Studies show that modern students’ papers show improved length and complexity
  • Technology enables students to quickly write down their ideas

Improved Social Skills

  • Using email and instant messaging appropriately can help students strengthen their social skills
  • Students can connect with others and learn about other cultures around the globe
  • Teens using social media say it helps them feel less shy and more confident, and more sympathetic to others