How To Extend The Reach Of Excellent Teachers

Why does every child need consistent access to excellent teachers, and how can we, today, extend the reach of the excellent teachers our nation already has? Public Impact teamed up with designers at Column Five to develop this handy infographic with the answers. It illustrates four ways school can use job redesign and technology to put excellent teachers in charge of every student’s learning. It also highlights the role of extending these teachers’ reach in building an “Opportunity Culture” in which excellent teachers, other educators, and students can excel.

A Few Takeaways

  • A solid teacher keeps students on track each year. An excellent teacher brings them ahead and covers about 1.5 years of work annually.
  • Only 25% of teachers are considered ‘excellent’ by the standards of this study.
  • Students who have excellent teachers learn 3x more than students assigned to the bottom 25% of teachers.
  • Excellent teachers are needed in more than just the simple classroom sense. Their expertise should be tapped to inspire and teach other teachers as well!

blended learning graphic