4 Powerful Sites That Will Improve Your Teaching


Sharing teaching resources is not news by any stretch of the imagination. New teachers might receive materials from veteran teachers. One teacher might be passing off a class to another teacher who hasn’t taught it before, and passes the materials they found useful to the next teacher. Two colleagues might be chatting and offer to share resources. There are a million ways it happens, and in the digital world, much more of that is happening online.

When you’re teaching a class in any subject, being creative is good. But you don’t always need to recreate the wheel. Checking out and using what other teachers have worked on is a great way to get your own wheels churning about how to teach certain material and integrate concepts and techniques into your classroom that you may not have before. Seeing what has worked for someone else can be a great kick in the pants to try something out yourself that you might not have been sure would work. And of course, having pre-made, pre-tested lesson plans available can certainly get you out of a pinch!

Have you used online resource-sharing sites to get lesson plans or other teaching materials for the classes you teach? What are your favorites? Leave a note in the comments to share!

Four Sites To Improve Your Teaching

While Teachers Pay Teachers may have been in the news for some of their teachers making lots of money from the site,  there are certainly a lot of other options out there. Educators have multiple options for sites that let users share lesson plans, general teaching resources, tips and tricks, best practices, and even buy and sell lesson materials. We’ve compiled a short list of a few of our favorites below.

Share My Lesson

Share My Lesson has a great name, mainly because it is so self explanatory. This site offers free lesson plan sharing for educators in the K-12 arena. The materials are peer-reviewed by other educators, and as of this writing, there are over 267,000 resources available. They offer a lot of teaching resources specifically relating to the common core

We Are Teachers

We Are Teachers is another free site offering lesson plans and teaching resources for a variety of age levels and subjects. Most of what they have to offer falls into the categories of Math, Social Studies, Writing, and Arts. There is also a wide variety of classroom management resources and information on social and emotional learning in children. Beyond this, the site offers resources on grants, tips and tricks on technology, and a special section on ‘hot topics’ in education so that everyone can stay up to date with the latest news.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is one of the more well-known lesson and resource sharing sites, and it is definitely one of the largest. As of this writing, the site states that it has over 700,000 resources available. While the site is free to use, you’ll need to pay for many (if not most) of the resources available for download. (When I checked, they had 122,418 free resources available). That’s not to say that things are expensive – most of the things fall into the “Under $5″ range. The site also utilizes a rating system so you can see what other teachers thought of that seller’s resources.

Better Lesson

Better Lesson offers over 300,000 resources (as of this writing) for educators in the K-12 arena, with a whole section specifically focusing on the Common Core. The site offers everything from single lesson plans on specific topic to entire unit plans. Users can see how many views each resource has, what comments other users have made, and how many people have ‘favorited’ a resource. While the site looks a little blah, much of the content is good, though it depends on the creator. Definitely worth a look!


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    Scooped your article as I have done others you have written. Thanks for being an important voice for educators everywhere!

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    These four sites are an important source for all the teachers.As teaching now-a-days is just a job or a process for all the people who are in teaching professionals.Instead,all those who are in teaching field,must go through this site and get an overview of all the details that are important at present.