If Social Networks Were Countries

Social networks already more users than most countries. Facebook has blown past the 500 million mark while others quickly gain as well. But what if you looked at social networks as if they were countries instead of just websites?

Lucky for you, Flowtown has come up with a variation of the popular XKCD social network map. The original was made based on the whims of XKCD’s author, but marketing firm Flowtown sized the various regions (each named after a social network) based on info collected or published by USA Today, Alexa, Compete and other sources.

I personally like the ‘Land of Defunct Social Networks’ and the fact that it’s right next to the ‘Sea of Forgotten Memes.’ Regardless, there are probably some social networks on there that you haven’t hear of. Like Habbo or Bebo perhaps? Be sure to check them out. You might learn something!