How to Win in the Modern Game of Law School Admissions

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Get your mind right

Dean of Admissions at Georgetown Law School, Andy Cornblatt, put it best: “The first tip I would give is to really take ownership and understand how you apply makes a big difference in whether or not you’re going to get in.”  Having what I call the 2 P’s are critical throughout this process: positivity and patience.

People who apply and have a defeatist attitude are doing themselves a huge disservice.  Saying things like, “I’m sure I won’t get in” or “I know this is a long-shot” will never help your cause.

Of course, mindset is only one component, but it is nevertheless a crucial factor in the success of your application.  You have to be mentally prepared for the entire process (from the weeks and weeks of practicing for the LSAT to the months of waiting for the decision of the admissions committee).

Don’t let money decide your future

It really bothers me that so many people self-select out of applying to certain schools simply because they do not think they can afford it.  Trust me: I know what it is like to be there.  Growing up, I knew my family could not afford to send me to college (let alone to law school).  But I also knew that as long as I excelled, money would never limit my academic or personal goals.  And it never has.

I received a full tuition, room and board scholarship to college.  I had half of my law school education paid for by grants and the other half through a very generous loan package.  I am now in business for myself doing what I love to do at 25. .

Bottom line: the money is out there, and when you excel somebody will pay your way. Don’t let money decide your future.

Jim Rohn, who was a world-renown life-coach, author, and success expert, would often say: “The answer to your problems is simple: become more valuable than others.”  Therefore, do not worry about where the money is going to come from: instead focus on becoming more valuable than others.  Get better at what makes you unique—and the accolades will follow.  That is really how you distinguish yourself and stand out from the crowd.

Furthermore, in many cases, when you apply to a law school, you are also automatically considered for whatever scholarships and grants that school offers.  So, to not apply because you do not think you can afford it really makes no sense.  Remember, the money is out there: don’t let money decide your future.

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