How To View The Internet At Any Point In Time

Fire up the WayBack Machine, Mr. Peabody, it’s time to grab Doc Brown, hit 88 miles-per-hour, and go back in time! There is a fantastic lesson just waiting for any teacher to grab and it’s free, easy to use, and it could seriously occupy an entire day or week of classtime.

It’s called the WayBack Machine and it’s essentially the archive for the entire Internet.

It’s a partnership between the Internet Archive and the Library of Congress. Simply type in a domain name, select which date you’d like to see, and voila! Easy as that. Here’s a few screenshots of some of the more notable websites from as far back as 1996. (1998)

AltaVista (1996)

eBay (1995)

New York Times (1996)

Yahoo (1996)

Try It Out

Want to give it a whirl? Visit the WayBack Machine here and try out your favorite website.

The only question now is…will the current 2010 websites be laughed at in 2020?