How To Use The SAMR Model For Classroom Tasks

The SAMR (Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition) model is a framework used to evaluate the technology being employed (or that you’d like to employ) in your classroom. Basically, it offers a way for you to look at how technology integration might affect teaching and learning. Accordingly, many teachers and administrators who are in the process of choosing between classroom technology options employ the SAMR model to determine what might be worthwhile and what wouldn’t.

I recently stumbled across this nifty interactive infographic from iPadders, which takes the concept of the SAMR model and applies it to basic classroom tasks, such as note taking and assessment. You can play around with the graphic by selecting either a class task on the left hand side and seeing each of the SAMR categories, or you can choose one of the SAMR categories on the top, and see how it would affect each of the classroom tasks. Alternatively, you can just click “see all” if you’re impatient like me. Some of the boxes contain links to different apps/sites/products that were used.

Applying SAMR To Classroom Tasks