How To Use Google Glass In Education

By all accounts, Google Glass is a pretty awesome innovation. While there are definitely haters out there (mainly hating in the realm of understandable privacy concerns), most people I know would be pretty excited to get their hands on a pair (or a few!). Especially teachers – there are a ton of cool ways to use Google Glass for education, and we’ve seen some pretty interesting things that some teachers are already doing with this nifty little gadget.

So how would you go about using Google Glass in your classroom? The possibilities are basically endless, but this handy infographic offers 30 different ways for you to try out. Keep reading to learn more.

Let Us Count The Ways….

  • Create video guides for a collective class experience
  • Create mini-documentaries to enhance storytelling
  • Remote teaching, one on one tutor sessions, or remote guest speakers
  • Use any resource no matter the language with an easy translation feature
  • Connect with students and teachers in other schools or home schools
  • Host group tutorial sessions
  • …and more!