How To Turn Your Twitter Feed Into An Infographic

twitter infographicYour Twitter stream is an endless flow of information, insight, and ideas. But you’ve gotta sleep sometime. If only there was some way to quickly understand what your Twitter friends are talking about, what you’re missing, and what’s happening in the world. It’d be great if that was all displayed in a visual format that was easy to create and understand.

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Lucky for you, there’s a host of places that want to do just that. One that I’ve been tinkering with lately is Vizify Tweetsheet. It’s a straightforward way to turn your twitter stream into an infographic. This could be a great tool for classrooms or teachers looking to help explain what they’re seeing on Twitter. I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see more Twitter visualizations on the news and in print very soon. Always happy to lead the way, let’s get the ball rolling right here on Edudemic!

How Vizify Tweetsheet Works

Simply go to this page. Then click on the ‘Get Your Own’ button. Then you’ll be asked to authenticate your Twitter account using the usual method. If that freaks you out, don’t do it. But it’s a must if you want your visualization.

Now you’ll be taken to the cute loading screen. A little blue bird flies all around and says things to you (like your own tweets, loading status, etc.). It’s adorable.

Once it loads, you’ll get a bird’s eye view (get it? Twitter?) of what your Twitter account is doing. While it’s not an in-depth report, you’ll see how often you’re retweeted, who retweets you most, what your most retweeted posts are, etc. It’s interesting to check once in awhile and could help you see what topics engage you most (thanks to a handy word cloud)

Finally, you can knock over your bar chart with an Angry Birds-esque Twitter bird slingshot. Worth the loading time in itself!

My Tweetsheet

Here’s my Twitter visualization if it helps explain the whole thing a bit better!

twitter tweetsheet