How To Pick Your Next Piece of Classroom Technology

sortable compare tabletsPicking technology isn’t always an easy task. While for many, there’s no question between iPhone and Android, for some of us, the selection isn’t necessarily that easy. For example, how do you decide between the iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire, Nexus tablets, and all the variations therein? You could scour the gadget blogs and do your best to assemble a useful guide … or you could sort out exactly what you need thanks to a new tool called Sortable.

I was blown away by the usefulness of Sortable. The library of devices is substantial and it’s a responsive website, meaning it resizes to your current device’s screen size. Makes sense for a site like this.

Sortable could be a solid go-to tool for any teacher looking to deploy technology but isn’t sure exactly which device is right for him or her. Who knows, you may even find yourself buying (or wanting, at least) a different device than you initially expected.

How Sortable Works

You head over to the homepage and select the type of device you’re looking for. They have a ton of cameras, phones, tablets, laptops, and TVs. Once you click one of these main topics, you’re taken to a more in-depth sorting area where, like on Amazon or Google Shopping, you can narrow down results based on size, price, and the usual suspects. It’s like the Best Buy website but without all the Best Buy clutter and pressure to buy. I like that.

sortable website

The Feature To Know About

My favorite feature of this site is the ‘Compare’ option at the top. You can input a couple of devices you’re considering and then it creates a side-by-side comparison that involves visualization and more. It even recommends which one is better for you. Very cool. See below for a sample I made for the iPad vs Microsoft Surface (pricing was still being updated at this point it seems for the Surface).

sortable info

Extra Features

The comparisons are quite elaborate and visual. Great for pretty much anyone to try out. Not sure where to even start? When you’re looking at a device, it even lays out the top 10 devices being considered by others in that category. Here’s what it shows for tablets, for example: