How To Make Your Own Twitter Business Card

We’ve seen some great posts over the past months about some creative people who have embraced social media to the point where it’s changed how they design their business cards. But what about cards for us teachers, higher ed administrators, and other tech-savvy people who may not have as much design background?

Easy As 1,2,3

Never fear, EduDemic is very happy to announce this new business card for any and all to customize and enjoy. Rather than just show you the .jpg of the business card, we’re actually giving you the layered .psd file of the business card so anyone with photoshop can edit this and have a high-quality and engaging card in just about a minute!

Getting Started

You can easily remove my ugly mug from this image, change the saying, move any of the buttons, delete the edudemic watermark, and change all the contact information. Everything is editable and we hope you’ll use this as an easy way to get some new business cards that would be perfect for handing out at #ntcamp, #iste10, and all the other fantastic conferences where twitter-savvy people flock. (pardon the pun!)

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1: Make sure you have Adobe Photoshop installed or know someone who knows at least a little about Photoshop. If you want to learn, hongkiat has 56 different places that offer tutorials.

Step 2: Download this .psd file (about 5MB so it may take a minute or two.)

Step 3: Put in your picture, change your name, info, whatever. The QR code (the black and white thing on the bottom right) links to so feel free to make your own QR code here! You may have to download the Twitter fonts in order to replicate the name in blue towards the bottom.

Step 4: Print and share! Upload to vistaprint, bring them to FedEx Office (Formerly Kinkos), or print them out yourself on heavy cardstock.

Step 5: Share, enjoy, and laugh as people try to press the ‘follow’ button on the card!

**If you would like us to edit this business card with your photo and information, we’d be happy to! Just email and we’ll happily make you the card and send you a printable PDF in a day or two!**

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  1. vr2ltch

    March 20, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    Love this idea!  Is there another file format that can be downloaded to access the card?