How To Get Students Interested In STEM Education

There’s still a huge push in the US to get more students (especially girls) interested in STEM fields. STEM jobs are expected to be some of the highest paying and most advanced in the near future, and with technology developing at an amazing rate, many other jobs will be made obsolete because of it. This handy infographic below takes a look at STEM in the USA. From the classroom to the workplace, what is the current status of STEM education? Keep reading to learn more.

STEM Education and Jobs

  • The US ranks 47th in Math and Science Education quality (vs. 28th in overall educational system quality).
  • The percentage of US students performing at or above the ‘basic’ level of science decreases as students got older.
  • Only 26% of US high school seniors are considered ‘proficient’ in math.
  • More than 70% of future stem jobs will be in computing.
  • Only 9 states require computer science classes as a graduation requirement.
  • Only 19% of college graduates have degrees in STEM fields.
  • 78% of high school graduates don’t meet the standard levels for at least one entry level STEM class.
  • Yet there are more than 37.M unfilled STEM jobs, slated to rise to 8.6M by 2018.

stimulating stem infographic