How To Create Your Own Venn Diagrams

venn diagramWhen I was younger, I thought Venn Diagrams were awesome. I’m pretty sure, looking back, that I just liked the name “Venn Diagram’, but the visual overlapping of ideas can be pretty useful in helping people to understand a concept. Also, people love visualizations of just about anything. It’s a great way to absorb information without having to read those pesky words, right?

So the folks at  (a great source for infographics of all kinds) have made a tool that lets you create your own (albeit basic) Venn Diagrams. So now, you can do lots of fun things, like teach your students what a Venn Diagram is, and show them where concepts overlap, or where multiple items come together to make a whole. I’ve even created a nifty example to show you how easy it is!


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