How To Be More Productive

Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? At the end of the day, you look at your to-do list from the morning and somehow you were busy all day but not very many things were checked off? Maybe you’re a procrastinator like me. Maybe you’ve read all the tips on how to be more productive and haven’t put them into practice yet (see also: procrastination, above). Or maybe there’s a monster who lurks under your bed and sucks all of your productivity out at night.

Whatever the case, there are some resources out there that detail how to be more productive, based on the tried and true habits of folks who are uber-productive. The handy infographic below is one of them. It divides productivity into 7 categories, and gives a number of tips for within each category. Some of them – like narrowing down your wardrobe options and only wearing your ‘defined style’ for example – may seem a little odd. But give it a little more thought: If you don’t have to spend a lot of time worrying about making small decisions on what to wear, you’re saving your time for the bigger, better stuff. Makes sense, right? There are a lot of areas of our lives like this that we can sort of streamline to make room for more important work. Keep reading to learn more.

How To Be More Productive

With Technology…

  • Limit your email replies to one per minute
  • If you can’t understand what an email asks, don’t answer it
  • Tune out the news – most of it isn’t important. There’s lots of filler and fluff
  • Don’t answer the phone unless it is a true emergency
  • Use keyboard shortcuts

In Clothing…

  • Define your ‘fashion uniform’ and wear it every day
  • Wear smart fabrics
  • Carry an all-occasion outfit with you
  • Discard what you stop wearing

In “Hacks”…

  • Visualize your end product
  • Start before you feel ready. Avoid the chicken-and-egg- problem
  • Assume you are right, if you are in doubt. Decisive is productive
  • If you have a mind block, try making a mind map
  • If you can’t write it down, record it
  • When you read something helpful, write to the author

In Body…

  • Manage anxiety – with exercise
  • Sleep more. You’ll get more done
  • Take naps if your energy runs low

In Schedule…

  • Do easiest things first
  • Prioritize one item per day
  • Set a daily routine
  • Better done than perfected
  • Don’t have meetings unless they are decisive

In Food…

  • Add routine to your diet
  • Eat healthy food
  • When you’re swamped, get delivery to save time
  • Negotiate a daily deal with your favorite cafe

In Mind…

  • Note the 80/20 rule, in which 20% of work yields 80% of the result
  • Focus on the important, suppress the urgent
  • Decide the outcome before starting
  • Start an ‘Idea Dump’ book for genius ideas you can’t work on now
  • Eliminate trivial distractions (like what to wear, or eat)
  • Learn to ignore. There’s no need to respond to everything
  • Do a bad first draft. You can’t edit a blank page
  • Treat time as your money


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