How Teachers Can Leverage The Library of Congress

The web is chock-full of resources for teachers. It’s got just about everything you need but is pretty disorganized and not always easy to find what you’re looking for. That’s where the web and the U.S. Library of Congress differ. The library holds a massive digital collection that’s just aching to be utilized in your classroom. It’s easily searched and filled with premium (and free!) resources for all grade levels.

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From interactive presentations to primary source sites to lesson plans … there’s a lot to check out at the Library of Congress. There’s plenty of tools for teachers to improve their own skills, too. Professional development is a big effort being made by the more than 3,600 employees at the library. They have built tools that let you do self-training, guided PD, and even the ability to do in-house training and videoconferences.

The below infographic sheds some light on what the Library of Congress offers and the best ways teachers can leverage this massive amount of free resources. Hope it inspires you!

teach with library of congress

Source: Best Colleges Online