How Teachers Are Using Blended Learning Right Now

While we try to stay away from major generalizations here at Edudemic, we don’t often see surveys of what teachers are actually doing/want to be doing/think about doing in their classrooms, especially pertaining to technology. Lethbridge College (Alberta, CA) recently unveiled an infographic  demonstrating the results of their 2012 survey of 164 instructors regarding their teaching (online and face-to-face) and technology. They’ve yielded some pretty interesting results – we can’t wait to see more of these from other institutions or from a broader array of respondents!

A Few Highlights

  • 79% of respondents reported than an ideal instruction delivery method would be blended learning – 50% face-to-face and 50% online
  • The most used (and useful) LMS features are: online grading, online course outlines, and online readings and links
  • 92% of teachers prefer moderate to extensive use of technology (of any sort) in the classroom
  • Only 47% of respondents felt confident to look to their peers for support in integrating blended learning

teacher survey 2012

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  1. P.Srujan Babu

    April 8, 2013 at 3:16 am

    Great stuff! Thanks for the post.