How Social Media Is Changing Your IT Help Desk

Your school or business help desk is probably undergoing quite a change as I type this. It may not be visible just yet but it’s something to know about. Like just about everything else, your local IT help desk is evolving to better serve its users: teachers, students, admins, businessfolk, etc.

Basically, the typical help desk is changing from a physical structure where you bring technology … to a virtual environment where your friends and other online professionals assist you. All thanks to social media.

Early results have shown a higher rate of success in identifying problems, improved speed and quality, and a generally higher level of customer support. That’s according to a new infographic and study from the folks. They’re obviously out to promote help desks in general but the information is worth knowing about and examining.

Are you seeing a change in your IT Help Desk? Do you turn to the desk first or social media / web searches when trying to diagnose a technical problem?

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