How Social Media Can Help and Hurt Students

facebook social networking employersIt’s important that students ensure they give themselves the best possible start in life in such tough economic times. With things being as hard as they are at the minute financially and the job market being as stagnant as it is at the minute, college students need to ensure they stand out from the crowd by shining brighter than their peers, studying hard and getting the best possible grades.

However, one thing to be wary of is that your Facebook and even your Twitter page may hinder your job opportunities. Surveys have revealed that potential employers check people’s profiles on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter before they hire them.

So in brief, here is a guide to make sure that you don’t inadvertently ruin your chances of getting a job.

How Social Media Can Hurt

A number of students at universities in England have and will publish a number of different pictures from nights out, weekends at festivals and images of general stupidity. However, according a study by CareerBuilder, the main reason that employers turn away candidates is because of the nature of the content on their Facebook or Twitter pages. A Facebook page is one which people use to get across their own personal views but if you’re wanting to avoid upsetting anyone then it’s best to keep some things to yourself so as not to cause offense.

Because the web is such a big place and pretty much everything is permanent, it’s advisable that you are cautious when posting a status or uploading a photo. It may seem good boasting at the time to your friends about what you did on a night out, but this may be something which your potential employer may not like. This doesn’t rule out the posting of any pictures from your time at college, but at the same time you don’t want to post anything which could harm you in the future.

How Social Media Can Help

On the contrary to this, one survey in America has found that having a great number of friends on your Facebook page can in some ways show that you’re a friendly person. The most important thing is to try and keep a good balance of social interactivity and fun with a certain amount of professionalism.

You should always bear in mind that a future employer could be stalking your Twitter profile and Facebook page to try and find as much out about you as possible; so make sure the right information is available!

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