How Parents Really Feel About Social Networking

When a student wants a social media account (of whatever variety, let’s say Facebook as an example), some parents are more receptive than others. We’ve talked to parents who are adamantly against their kids having social media accounts, and others who don’t mind at all. While there are obviously risks to students of all ages online (and obviously more risks for younger students), we were interested to see this handy infographic below that takes stock of real parents’ opinions on social sites and internet dangers for their kids. Good info for teachers to have before delving into any social networking classroom stuff! Keep reading to learn more!

How Parents Really Feel About Social Networking

  • 22% of people targeted by online predators are 10-13 years old.
  • 73% of teens use social networks.

Most of their time is spent:

  • commenting on their friends’ walls
  • commenting on friends’ photos
  • sending private messages to friends
  • sending texts and group messages
  • 61% of parents are concerned with their children sharing personal information online.
  • 60% of parents think they should have total control over their child’s social media use.
  • 52 % of students have reported being cyber-bullied.
  • Only 11 states have cyber bullying laws.