How One Girl Created A Reddit Meme For Her School Fundraiser

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The phrase that comes to mind is ‘work smarter, not harder’ and that’s exactly what one father and his daughter, Ruby, did. They leveraged the power of the meme for a school fundraiser by creating a series of images that are both cute and made just for Reddit users. They used popular meme images found on Reddit (even if you’re not a Reddit user, it’s easy to see how this slideshow could be useful) to resonate with the web’s users.

Did it work? It’s hard to tell right now but you can help support Ruby’s fundraising by checking out this page (deadline is 9/28/12). I’ll keep an eye out to see what happens next.

The best part of the whole presentation is not the fundraiser Ruby is trying to win. It’s the slide that encourages anyone viewing the pictures to support their own school. That’s a message I can get behind. Images are via Reddit