How Many Books Have You Read?

How many books have you read in your lifetime? Do you know an exact number? A Reddit user’s grandfather knows exactly how many books he has read: 6,070 (so far). Want to share how many books you’ve read with others? Use the tweet button below to tell your friends and followers how much of an avid reader you are! (Just replace the NUMBER text with the actual number of books you’ve read!)

There are also some fascinating comments on this post which I’ve embedded below:

A Touching Story

My grandfather has, every week for the past 20 years, gone to the local library with 2 paper grocery bags, filled them, and returned them one week later, all read. About 10 years ago, the librarians started putting his initials in the back cover of the books, since he mentioned to them that he kept checking out books not realizing he’d already read them. It’s been a big help, he says.

The Classic Enjoyment of the Library

I went to the library in my home town for the first time in 10 or so years, saw a book on the shelf that I remembered liking, pulled it down, and my name was the last one on the card, dated 13 years earlier.

About The Grandfather

He was a doctor on the Manhattan Project; he was in charge of chasing around the physicists and monitoring their radiation levels. He got to personally witness some 7 or 8 atomic explosions.

After the war he became the doctor on a Reservation in Montana. He and my Grandma lived there for 20 years and had 17 children. That is not a typo. My mom is number 14. He eventually retired and bought a farm in eastern Washington; up until his 80s he was still chopping firewood to burn in his wood heated house. He converted the barn into a library of nearly 90,000 books – complete with a letterpress. As a kid I used to make newsletters and stuff on that old press.

Him and Grandma moved to Spokane a few years ago cause, well, it’s hard to live by yourself on a farm at age 90. Grandma just died a few months ago, but Grandpa is still doing just fine. When I asked how he feels about her being gone he said, “I miss her, but at least I’ve still got my books.”

Source: Reddit