How Canadians Are Integrating Technology Into The Classroom

Ever wonder how a particular country uses technology in the classroom? There’s a new infographic that spells out exactly what classrooms in Canada are up to.

Did you know?

- There are more than 5 million students in Canada and just under 400,000 teachers?

- About $12,000 is spent on every student?

- There’s an average of about .73 computers per student?

- Blackberries are more popular than iPhones or Androids? (Might be because RIM is based in Canada)

- 1 in 4 Canadian students have used an online video to help with their homework?

But Wait, There’s More!

Learn even more stats and figures in this fabulous new infographic from We Inspire Futures, a new online community for teachers in Canada. It’s worth checking out.

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