How Apple Could Make iPad Smart Covers A Big Part Of Your Classroom

If you dole out hundreds of iPads to your school and then let your students run wild on them, how do you monitor what they’re looking at / watching in real-time? You could stand behind the students, keep an eye over their shoulder, or simply be in their face.

But what if you could see what students were doing, thinking, and working on by just glancing at the iPad Smart Cover? That’s essentially the idea behind a patent Apple has filed.

Essentially, they want to turn the Smart Cover into something, well, even smarter. According to 9to5Mac, Apple may want to have the cover become a flexible display capable of showing status messages, information about what’s happening on the iPad, and more. Check out the gallery below to see illustrations of what they’re thinking.

This would be a very useful method of doing group answering, polling, or PBL in medium to large-sized classrooms. For example, you could ask everyone a question and they’d have to deliver their answer by updating their status on the Smart Cover. Raising hands is so last year, after all.

How would you use the new functionality in the potentially upcoming Smart Cover? While there’s just a remote chance this will actually happen, it’s worth checking out the artwork from the patent application below. Share your thoughts with the rest of the Edudemic community on the Facebook page here!