How (And Why) Teenagers Hide Their Online Activity

Most teens and students use the web for social networking, school research, and gaming. But did you know that many teens actually hide their online activities from their parents and others? I’ve seen teens set up alternative Facebook accounts with fake names, fake Twitter accounts, and other things I won’t even share. In any case, some teens hide their online activities.

Sounds like they need to read The Teacher’s Guide To Digital Citizenship which sheds light on how (and why) you should act online. But this infographic from ZoneAlarm tells the other side of the story. It sheds light on how teens are circumventing their parents or teachers and living a sort of secret online life. Sure, not all teens do this, but it’s worth knowing what’s happening out there and not living like an ostrich with its head in the sand. I hope this visualization is informative and enlightening for you. It was to me!

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