5 Ways to Change Up Homework Time

Homework. I’ve pretty much despised that word since 1988 (give or take). Even back then, I knew that homework was good for me, in the very broad sense. I knew it helped me be better prepared for class, and I knew it helped me perform better on quizzes and tests. But that didn’t make it any more fun and it didn’t help me be excited about having to do it! The handy infographic below outlines 5 different ways you can work on making homework more fun for kids. Some of these would also be a good way to mix it up in certain classrooms, too! Keep reading to learn more.

5 Ways to Change Up Homework Time

  1. Incentives: Snacks, stickers, iPad time, toys, or an outing might work depending on the age of the student
  2. Write it for them: Having them dictate an answer to you might get them thinking in a strategically different way, and for younger kids, might allow them to think about the subject material more if you’re taking the writing aspect out of it
  3. Apps: There are tons of different apps out there geared towards all sorts of subjects – find one that reinforces what the student needs and get them using it – it will help with their classwork and homework!
  4. Team Up: Getting students working together (with a few rules involved, obviously) can help make the learning process more interesting and efficient. The students can learn from one another and help each other out.
  5. Chill: Don’t put such huge pressure on students to perform – making them stress out about it can make the learning process more difficult – and they won’t be looking forward to it!



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