From Homeschooling To Hackschooling: What You Should Know

We don’t talk a lot about homeschooling here at Edudemic, mainly because the vast majority of our readers are classroom based teachers (or at least group-based teachers – we know that many of you are online teachers!). The fact that we don’t talk much about it shouldn’t be read into too much- there’s still a lot to say about homeschooling – or unschooling, or hackschooling, as different variations are becoming known.

This awesome TED talk was given by 13 year old Logan LaPlante – a ‘hackschooler’ himself. He talks about why hackschooling makes him happy. Whether you’re a classroom teacher, administrator, a homeschooler, or otherwise, there are a lot of takeaways about personalized education in this talk. While the extreme personalized education one can receive as a homeschooler, unschooler, or hackschooler isn’t usually possible in a group classroom setting to the degree it is at home, this talk brings a fresh perspective to learning. Take a look at the video to hear what he has to say!