Video Games In The Classroom? Know The History Before Trying It Out

Video games used to be more…well…special. Less widespread, less mundane. If you were a kid in the 70’s, chances are that maybe one or two of your friends had video game consoles in their homes.

Ditto for at least the beginning of the 80s. When I was growing up, getting to play video games was a treat, and was only allowed if I did everything else (homework, chores, etc) prior, and even then I was only allowed to play for as long as my parents deemed fit. When NES was released in 1985, this started to change the landscape a bit, but it would still have been unlikely for the majority of families to have a video game console.

When I searched for more recent statistics, I found a variety of numbers, ranging from 41%- 67%, and I imagine the number falls somewhere in the middle. We now also can play games on our computers, phones, and tablets, so a game console isn’t necessary anymore if you want to play games. We use games in our classrooms and out that help students learn and reinforce new concepts.

Check out the awesome video by Jonathan Mann below for an entertaining look back at the history of video games and a potentially useful video for anyone trying out video games in the classroom. Either way, fun to view – enjoy!