The Danger Of Heavy Backpacks [Infographic]

Thanks to iPads, Kindles, and other technology, the problem of students lugging around heavy backpacks may be a thing of the past…eventually. For now though, students are lugging around extremely heavy backpacks and it’s causing some real problems. Students pack books, lunches, laptops, shoes, athletic gear, and basically the rest of their lives into backpacks.

But, is it worth it? Thanks to a new infographic from Carrington College, it’s easier to understand the problems associated with heavy backpacks. There are things you should take into consideration before choosing a backpack that will help you avoid causing any back pain, such as padding on the back of the backpack, chest or waist belts, and backpacks with pockets on both sides.

Read on to learn about statistics, how to avoid back pain and remedies for it, and the benefits of wearing a backpack correctly. Click on infographic to enlarge.

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  1. Kid Computers

    December 22, 2011 at 12:53 pm

    it seems having a fashionable backpack for your computer books and tablet is whats in these days!