The Beginner’s Guide To The iPad And iOS 7

ipad ios 7 guideApple may be about to announce a slew of new devices over the coming months. From an iWatch to an iPhone to an iPad, there’s a lot of technological nonsense to keep track of. What’s a busy teacher to do? If you feel like the tech train has already left the station and that you’re too far behind to catch up, fear not. I’ve attempted to put together a few useful tutorials and lessons that shed some light on the absolute basics of the iPad. Since this is far and away the most talked-about classroom technology, I thought it might be useful to get back to basics.

In the following videos, I attempted to build a guide to the iPad that walks you through how the iPad works using the not-yet-available operating system iOS 7. I’m using a developer beta version and there are still a few bugs. Regardless, the look and feel will likely be the same once iOS 7 is officially released. Maybe it won’t crash every single time I wake up the iPad from sleep? A guy can dream.

Each video below is from a free Modern Lessons course I built in hopes of helping teachers get a firmer grip on how to actually, you know, do things on the iPad. The videos are useful for these kinds of people:

  • Teachers who are rolling out iPads in the classroom
  • Students curious about the new iOS 7 on the iPad
  • Anyone looking to get a refresher course on the basic functions of the iPad.

So, all useful stuff. I’m working on an intermediate and advanced course that will touch on how to do some more, well, advanced things with your iPad. In the meantime, hopefully these will inspire you to get to know your iPad a bit better and maybe, just maybe, actually try to hop on that tech train and join the wild ride that is education technology. All aboard!

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