The A-Z Guide To Interactive Whiteboards

When we talk to teachers about what technology they’re using in their classroom and what their favorite or most useful ‘gadget’ is, interactive whiteboards are on that list more often than not. For one, they’re a ‘big’ piece of classroom technology – not a delicate, hand held device for each student to use – and potentially break). You only need one per classroom, and many of them have a lot of cool functionality, making them a great buy for schools looking to maximize their dollars.

Since they offer so much functionality, this handy infographic below can help you to make the most of out of your interactive whiteboard. Sometimes when we get used to doing a few different things with our devices, it is easy to forget how much more they can do. Take a look at the handy A-Z list of common components and functions of these handy tools.

(Click here for a larger version of the graphic)

The A-Z Guide To Interactive Whiteboards

  • A – Accessories
  • B- Background
  • C- Collaborate
  • D-Drag and Drop
  • E – Export
  • F- Floating Tools
  • G – Gynzy
  • H – Hardware
  • I – Import
  • J – Journals
  • K – Keyboard
  • L – Learning Resources
  • M – Multitask
  • N- Non Projected
  • O – On screen Display Controls
  • P- Pen
  • Q – Quick Orientation
  • R – Ready light
  • S – Support
  • T – Touch
  • U – Use
  • V- Video
  • W – Writing
  • X – Xciting
  • Y – Youtube
  • Z – Zoom