40 Incredible Blogs That Are Changing Education

This is part of a series of ‘Best of 2011‘ posts where we share some of the best education-related materials of the past year. Be sure to check back on a regular basis as we’ve got some pretty exciting stuff coming soon!

The world of education is rapidly changing. From an unprecedented amount of teachers and administrators connecting online to the amount of resources being shared on a daily basis, it’s an exciting time. In fact, the world of global education seems to be shifting so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. Lucky for you, there are dozens of incredible blogs and websites that constantly discuss the future of education.

From blogs about education technology to ones answering questions from parents… there are lots to add to your preferred RSS reader. Each of these blogs was nominated for an Edublogs ‘Group Blog’ award for being the best new blog of the year. In the meantime, start working your way through this epic list of content creators!