Google Unveils Dozens Of Great Education Apps

Just like EduDemic, Google loves helping teachers. They’ve devoted a big chunk of their new Google Apps Marketplace (everyone’s getting on the app bandwagon it seems) to education-related services.

If you haven’t already, check out the Marketplace here. So what’s new in the Marketplace that will help schools? Let’s take a look:

Create and send email newsletters to your students and fellow teachers, manage contact lists, and get live reports on email opens & clicks. First Month Free if you join through Google Apps Marketplace.

DokDok makes it easy and automatic to find and work on the latest version of any document attached to your email.

Express Planner
ExpressPlanner provides event and registration management solutions for organizations that hold many events per year.
Floorplanner is a quick and easy way to create professional looking floor plans in both 2D as 3D and can be used by school officials looking to make better use of classroom space.

Google Apps for the EDU
This is not a fantasy – it’s already a reality for hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, and SADA helps to get Schools empowered, and hundreds of IT departments sleep a little better at night.

Stupeflix Studio
Create awesome videos in a few clicks. Whether you want to promote your business or tell your story, video is a powerful medium. With the Studio, creating stunning videos is easy as pie.

Create simple org charts for your company or selected contacts within seconds!

Education Institutions go with Google Apps and Save!
We offer complete migration services for schools, colleges and universities. We do all the setup, data migration, end user and admin training. Trust the SheepDog to bring your school into the cloud…


  1. futureclassroomtech

    November 23, 2011 at 11:54 am

    One of the best things (imo) that google did for teachers was develop app inventor. Not only did it provide a great starting point for students to learn programming, but many teachers used it to create apps for their own use (and to share) like ClassTracker

    It is too bad they decided not to continue with app inventor, but it will be hosted elsewhere and will hopefully continue to be a valuable tool.

  2. futureclassroomtech

    November 23, 2011 at 11:57 am

    One of the best things Google did for teachers was to promote App Inventor. Not only was it useful to technology teachers as a starting point for teaching students programming, but many teachers used it to create apps for their own use in the classroom (like ClassTracker and shared them. It is too bad Google isn’t going to host it anymore, but it will still be available and hopefully remain useful.

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