What Google Will Look Like In The Future

It isn’t a secret that Google makes some pretty awesome tools. Many of the things they offer are particularly popular with teachers and students. They tick a few of the biggest boxes – they’re easy to use, integrate well with each other, and most of all, they’re free. But despite their excellent utility in classrooms, Google is making way cooler stuff than GMail, Drive, and hangouts.

The handy infographic below takes a look at some of the really awesome stuff Google has been doing. It is a wide variety of stuff, which the graphic refers to as their ‘roadmap to world domination’. Will we be ruled by Google? If it means you never have to drive all the way back to work to get your house keys, do you care? Weigh in by leaving a comment below, mentioning @Edudemic on Twitter, or leaving your thoughts on our Facebook page.

Google’s Roadmap To World Domination

In the future, your house keys will tell you that they’re still on your desk, your tools will remind you that you lent them to someone, your car will drive itself to retrieve both of those things, location awareness will be built into everything, and maps will be the operating system of everything.

  • 20% of all Google searches are ‘where’ queries
  • Google has about 70% of the ‘where query’ market

Trekker is Google’s camera (the one they use on the car that takes the photos for Google Street View).

  • Trekker takes 15 photos every 2 seconds
  • Those photos are then melded into a 360 degree view
  • The photos are then tagged with latitude and longitude
  • Trekkers are attached to Google’s driverless cars, 25 of which have logged over 600,000 miles in California

Tons of companies use Google Maps API as a huge part of their products  – like Uber, Redfin, and Airbnb.