Google+ Users Turned Into Fantastic Collage

Google+ continues to grow in both the amount of users but also the number of reasons to use the new social network. I’ve personally found G+ a great way to elaborate on things that I wouldn’t normally have been able to share on Twitter. It’s also let me see more multimedia from people that I wouldn’t normally be connected with on Facebook. For me, G+ has become a great source of inspiration and sharing. Feel free to add me to your circles and I hope I can help inspire you back!

I was going to take today off as it’s 1/1/12 but this post on G+ was so remarkable it just had to be shared with the Edudemic community. Scott Cramer painstakingly created a collage of all his connections on G+ and turned it into a collage that looks like the G+ logo. Here’s a bit of his explanation about why he created the image:

Mosaic Challenge & Happy New Year to my Friends and Peers!

I downloaded a copy of the avatar for every user that I follow and every user that follows me to create this photo mosaic. All of you are Google+ to me so the combination of this image made up of all of you was exactly the embodiment for what I feel. I appreciate the posts, the comments, and every bit of interaction. You normally get out of something what you put into it. Perhaps I have put more effort into the Google+ community than I have anywhere else, but I feel like I have gotten out of it much more than I have put in! Thanks to all of you! Looking forward to so much more in 2012!

The Challenge! Okay, so I couldn’t just leave well enough alone with a picture. ;-) Download the original full size image if you want to have some fun. If you partied too much for the New Year, you might want to let the hangover subside before doing this!

1) Can you find yourself? I’ll admit, I’m a little vain sometimes. I searched for myself. Took me way longer than it should! Please note, I downloaded all the images on 12/30. If you added me after that I apologize that your picture did not make it into the mosaic. Also, if you changed your image, look for your old one!

Most of us share the Geek gene. I have a Doctor Who and a Star Wars challenge hidden within the mosaic.

2) Find the following Star Wars images: Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princes Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C3PO, R2D2, Yoda, Jawa, Stormtrooper, Millenium Falcon, Death Star, X-Wing Fighter, and Tie Fighter

3) Find the following Doctor Who images: Each of the 11 Doctors, Tardis, Dalek, Cyberman, and K-9 +Jenn Kirkland, thought of you when I did this one!

There are 3025 images in a 55×55 grid. I padded out the mosaic with about 75 monkeys, pandas, Google+ symbols, Android images, some VW’s, a jeep for my bro +Keith Cramer, and a few other oddities, but otherwise it’s all you guys!

Special thanks to +Dan Soto and +Carter Gibson for putting me in touch with a lot more users. Also +matthew rappaport for some interesting edumacation whether knowingly or not. ;-) +Cliff Roth 2012 New Year’s goal to get drawn. +Alyssa Milano just ‘cuz. +Kristi Fahlsing for not letting me take any shortcuts making this image. And since this is still the holidays, +Secret Santa team, because that was pretty darn cool.