10 Ideas in Pursuit of a Global Curriculum

This book is published through TeachThought by Terry Heick as part of the Innovate Learning series.


Now over a decade into the 21st century, there is tremendous pressure for education to “globalize.” What this means exactly isn’t universally agreed upon.

In major world markets, the business world globalized decades ago, expanding beyond domestic markets in pursuit of more diverse audiences and stronger profits. And while major players in business continue to experiment and find their way in markets whose culture and buying practices diverge from those domestic, the “field” of education has been slow to follow suit.

This is made all the more strange by the relationship between education and economic systems. If one goal of education is to prepare a “work force,” the more parallel the system of education is with the work force, the less “waste” there might be. While industrialism, commercialism, religion, and technology all reach out across political and geographical borders, education lags awkwardly behind.

The Book

In just under 20 pages, educator Terry Heick will help you get started down the path of “globalization,” offering strategies that can be immediately implemented in any K-12 classroom tomorrow. This book takes an approach intentionally balanced between thinking and action so that the “how” gets as much attention as the “why.”

10 Ideas, 30 Strategies, 1 Important Conversation.

The book can be found here, or via the embedded Amazon link below. It is currently available for Kindle (and viewable on PC reader they have as well if you don’t have one). For owners of the Nook and other eReaders, it will be released shortly on other platforms, including iBooks.