DOs And DON’Ts For Getting Your Content Noticed

When you’re a teacher, getting your content to ‘go viral’ isn’t necessarily the goal. If you’re resource sharing with colleagues, getting your message out and reaching the right crowd so that they pay attention to it is generally the main goal. If you’re working on getting content to your students, getting them interested and engaged in the content is usually the goal there. The overlap: you want them to notice your content and be interested in it -taking it a step further and sharing/other types of engagement won’t happen without that. 

The handy infographic below looks at some reasons why content doesn’t go viral even if it is great content. While it is clearly geared towards people who are desperate to get their content to go viral, it offers some great messages about why folks notice, like, and share some content but not other content. It has less to do with the actual ‘meat’ of the content and more to do with some other factors. Keep reading to learn more about making your content appealing. This can apply to social media use for professional development or to content for your classroom.

Tips for Getting Your Content Noticed


  • Make your content emotionally appealing
  • Positive emotions do better than negative emotions – give your content a positive title rather than a negative one
  • Curiosity, amazement, interest, astonishment, uncertainty, admiration, and humor tend to work well
  • Get your audience to question themselves: Use the headline to grab their attention and get them thinking
  • Come up with a different angle: Present the ‘same old’ topic you teach every year with a bit of a new twist
  • Stories or narratives tend to be most interesting to people: give your content a human feel
  • Make it visually appealing
  • Use color to your advantage
  • Pay attention to timing: Don’t introduce important material right before your students walk out the door. Don’t post a thoughtful, in-depth blog post on Saturday night – few people are at home looking for PD content then!

 (excuse the misspellings, we didn’t make this but thought it was still worth sharing!)

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  1. johnymilton

    June 16, 2014 at 9:01 am

    yup this is really helpful tips for everyone. Many times you getting confused and not do don’ts things. This is awesome because of picture and point to point tips.