GetEdFunding Is A New Way For Teachers To Find Grants and Funding

Looking for grant money? Want to figure out a way to actually bring iPads into your classroom? My mother (3rd grade teacher) has been trying to figure out the best place to start finding innovative grants and funding opportunities for her classroom. I think a new site, GetEdFunding (name says it all), may foot the bill.

GetEdFunding is a curated collection of more than 750 active grants and awards that will grow by the day, all selected through the prism of relevance to today’s educational institutions. Although thousands of generous corporate contributors, foundations and other organizations recognize the need to support education, not all of them are included in this resource. In an effort to save educators time and frustration, a minimum requirement of inclusion in the collection is the willingness to accept Letters of Inquiry and unsolicited applications.

How’s It Work?

getedfunding teacher grantsThe site is sponsored by CDW•G and aggregates funding resources for edtech. Perfect for someone looking to bring more technology into the classroom but not sure how to get it. Currently, there are more than 750 grants and rewards on the site. You’ll have to register to dive in but it’s free and includes a decent search engine and categorization.

Basically, head over to the site. Click the search option and then tailor your search according to what you’re looking for. There’s dozens of options and a variety of methods to surface the kind of grants you’re looking for.

You’ll then get search results but will have to create that free account in order to view the information or go any futher. Once you do, you can get info about how to apply, who it’s for, and a slew of other relevant information.

What It’s For

According to the site: GetEdFunding is a free and fresh grant finding resource, dedicated to helping educators and institutions identify the funding they need in budget-tight times. GetEdFunding hosts a collection of more than 750 grants and opportunities culled from federal, state, regional and community sources and is available to public and private, preK–12 schools, districts and educators, higher education institutions, and nonprofit organizations that work with them.

This rich resource of grant and funding opportunities is expanded, updated and monitored daily. You can search by six criteria, including 45 areas of focus, nine content areas and any of the 21st century themes and skills that support your curriculum. Once you are registered on the site, you can save the grants of greatest interest; then return to read about them at any time.

Noteworthy Features

The search engine and its myriad of categories is a standout feature of GetEdFunding. But there’s a couple more items worth knowing about.

  • Once you create an account, you can save your grants and keep track of any that interest you. Great if you have just a few minutes and want to come back later. In other words, great for teachers!
  • There are sample grants! Hitting writer’s block with your particular grant writing? Whether you’re using this site or not, these sample grants could help clear the cobwebs and get you back on track. Great for first-timers as well.
  • The blog / resources page is worthwhile. I enjoyed a majority of the articles on the resources tab. Worth a minute of your time!

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  1. Kate

    October 22, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    We regularly post new education grant opportunities on our Facebook page, which may be worth checking out.