101 Ways To Get Noticed Online

If you’re looking to beef up your Twitter follower count, add members to your Facebook ‘like’ page, or just get more people interacting / noticing you online… leave it to the experts. HubSpot is far and away one of the best marketing firms in the world. After a talk by the founder and CTO of HubSpot, Dharmesh Shah., I am inclined to say they are THE best.

Ever wanted to know a better way to get people to register for an event? What about the value in adding a blog to your company or school’s website? HubSpot has a terrific presentation dubbed 101 Marketing Charts and Graphs that is just that. Here are a few interesting tidbits:

  • 40% of people read 5-10 blogs a day
  • Top three most RT’d words are you, Twitter, and please
  • 10am is the most popular time to read online content
  • “Click Here” converts 3x better than “Register”
  • Movies are the most liked Facebook page types. Pets, Bars and Religious Organizations are the least liked.
  • People Tweet the most on Thursdays
  • Blogging increases your Twitter reach by 75%
  • Websites with blogs get 55% more visitors

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