Fruitiny Is The First Real-Time Memory Game. Probably.

fruitiny appRemember the game Memory? If you can’t even remember the game, then you may want to start dusting off the mental cobwebs and exploring new ways to boost your brain. What better way than with a vintage-style but highly useful app?

That’s the idea behind Fruitiny, a new app from Totano Corp. Never heard of Totano? That’s probably because it’s actually just one guy, Briano Casotto, a former programmer living in Italy from Ubisoft.

His first foray into apps is Fruitiny and it’s a charmingly simple yet deceivingly difficult memory game that uses cute fruit and classic design to keep you playing. In related news, I couldn’t help resist using Briano’s e-mail subject line as the title of this post. The guy’s got a sense of humor and I love it.

According to Briano, the whole game is a tribute to Fukio Mitsuji (designer of Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands) and the Japanese golden age of video games.

Get The App

Apple App Store (Fruitiny) - $0.99
Apple App Store (Fruitiny Lite) - Free

Key Features Of Fruitiny

- A simple yet unique gameplay, reminiscent of card games of the past.
- A vintage tone in graphics, with those bright colors which made you smile.
- A poppy soundtrack which sticks in your head forever.
- Endless round variations and hidden game modes to unlock.

Fruitiny Screenshots

Briano Casotto

Briano Casotto fruitiny

Briano Casotto fruitiny totano corp.

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  1. Totano Corp.

    November 21, 2012 at 8:48 am

    Hi everyone from Totano Corp, creator of Fruitiny, thanks so much for the really nice article.
    I just want to inform you, that today Wednesday 21 November, Fruitiny is free for 24 hours!