23 Great Sources For Free Educational Videos Online


Students like to watch videos.

Teachers like videos, too. They can bring relevant material to the classroom in a format that will garner students’ interest and in many ways, help them to learn something without feeling that they’re being ‘taught’ in the same way that a lecture might.

There are a lot of sources of video out there for teachers to use. From services like Netflix and Hulu to iTunes, there’s a lot of content out there to choose from. But what about the free content? While there is definitely a ton of free content easily available to teachers for use in their classes (think: borrowing actual DVDs from the school library), it is often the case that the desired video isn’t available for free. We already know that teachers spend enough of their own money on supplies for their classroom (definitely take a look at the graphic and especially the comments in this post!)

We’ve put together a quick list of some sites that offer free (Free!) educational video online that you can put right to use in your classroom. Some are specific to one or a genre of disciplines, but many cover a variety of subject matter. Do you have a favorite site that we’re missing? Feel free to add it in the comments section at the bottom of the post.

Sites That Offer Free Educational Videos