Free Common Core App Organizes Standards By Grade Level

common-core-appLike it or not, the Common Core is just about everywhere in education. Tech tools are marketed as ‘compliant with Common Core’ or ‘aligned to Common Core standards’ and such. But as either a teacher or student (the two big groups of wonderful people who read Edudemic), you care less about the marketing and more about what it means for you and the classroom.

That’s why I figured it’d be worthwhile to point out a free app that brings all the Common Core standards into one easy-to-read format: a mobile app! The app is called ‘Common Core Standards‘ (not super imaginative, eh) and is quite handy for anyone looking to learn about the Common Core on the go.

Unlike most apps, this one actually has pretty decent reviews from customers and, after trying it for a few days, I also find it quite useful. Feel free to try it out (it is free after all) and let me know what you think!

iPhone Screenshots

common core iphone app

common core app

iPad Screenshots

common core ipad app

common core ipad app

common core ipad app


  1. Annie

    March 20, 2013 at 11:47 pm

    This seems like a good idea, and it is nice to have available at any time on the iPhone. However, it has one major irritation in the user interface. If I look at something that’s not on the top of the list, when I hit the back button to go back to the list, it takes me to the top of the list, not to where I left off. Consequently, it loses my place every time, and I have to scroll back down.

    On the plus side, I like the explanation page. The first paragraph is clear and relatively free of Eduspeak, and there’s a little + icon if you want to make the text larger for ease of reading.

    One thing I’d like to see is a > button at the end of each page which would take you to the next section without having to hit the back button. That way if I want to see all of the writing standards for Kindergarten, for example, I can just go to the first one and keep reading.

    Thanks for reviewing this. It will be helpful to have it with me.

  2. Karen Bailey

    March 22, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    This app is only useful if it correctly identifies the standards and, as I’m sure you must know, for math it does not. The new math coding has been out for months now and despite numerous requests made directly to personnel working at Mastery Connect to update their version they have yet to do so. How hard can it be to make their app actually match the coding on