Fotobabble: A Free Way To Add Some Life To Your Images

If your students are like me, old-fashioned slideshows put them to sleep. I can remember the days when I would sit in a middle school classroom, bored to tears by projectors and slideshows.

All that’s going to change.

The free (woohoo!) web 2.0 tool Fotobabble is an easy and fun way to turn your images into an enhanced gallery complete with narration. Heck, there’s even an option for your Facebook page now. There’s also a beta tool that lets you turn all your Fotobabbles into one slideshow. Great for classroom presentations!

How It Works

Basically, you upload your photo(s), record a narration, and start sharing your presentation. It’s perfect for any blogger, student, or teacher using a website to share their experiences. But more importantly, it’s a great classroom tool.

Using Fotobabble In The Classroom

It’s perfect for any classroom project where students have to present some photos or multimedia. Students can easily upload media, record a narration, and design their presentation thanks to some helpful ready-made templates. I could see students each having to create a Fotobabble to describe how they spent their summer, as a book report, or even as a college essay. Imagine a student assembling a presentation all about why they should be accepted into XYZ University and narrating it. While it’s not what admission officers would expect (I know, I was one!), it’s definitely interesting and the officer would most likely check it out.

How Do You Use It?

How do you use Fotobabble? Share with the Edudemic community on our Facebook page! Can’t wait to see what fun presentations you’ve come up with!

Sample Presentation

Here’s a presentation done on BoxTops for Education. You can click here to view even more education-oriented presentations on the site!