How To Use Formative Assessment With (And Without) Technology

Sometimes, integrating technology into your daily workflow and lesson plans isn’t that hard. Some things seem to lend themselves to a seamless transition between not using technology and using technology. Traditional assessment using technology can fall into this category (though admittedly simpler for some subject material than for others). Formative assessment, on the other hand, tends to be a little more nebulous, and perhaps harder to nail it down with technology. Luckily, the handy infographic below gives a number of great ideas on formative assessment with AND without technology. Keep reading to learn more.

Formative Assessment And Technology

  • Use tools like Google Forms, Polleverywhere, Socrative, Voice Thread, etc to have students connect with you and their classmates to demonstrate their understanding.
  • Using Twitter, create a class hashtag for a particular discussion, or use a Tweet as an exit ticket.
  • Using a smartphone, use the notes function to brainstorm, and then text or share with the teacher and class (can use linoit or padlet).

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