Flink12: The New Ultra-Private Social Network That’s Perfect For Your Class

There are many social networking platforms available today to share your public self. But where do you go to privately and safely share your personal, day-to-day thoughts and experiences? Flink12 was created as a safe and secure way to share your private life. It is playful, safe, extremely private and easy to use. A unique way of sharing and communicating, Flink12 allows you to share your life in a meaningful way with the people you know and care about the most.

Flink is also having a $3,000 art contest. Scroll to the bottom of this post for more details!

What’s A Flink?

What is a Flink? A Flink is a group of twelve cows. Flink12 allows you to create individual groups of twelve people or Flinks for your friends, family, or coworkers. These Flinks allow you to communicate in a discreet way, sharing professional information with coworkers and personal information with friends and family. These groups of twelve are ideal for sharing different information for different types of relationships.


“Privacy first” is the highest priority at Flink12. This approach ensures that your personal information will remain completely secure. With no privacy settings to manage, your information is automatically safe. Personal information will not indexed on the web by search engines. You decide when, where and how much of your life you want to share and with whom.

Private Chatting, Texting and Blogging

Flink12 is a great place to engage in free instant communication, one-on-one between you and any person in your Flinks. Blogging is made simple and easy in Flink12. Post a blog and decide to share it with your friends Flink or share it with the people in all of your Flinks. You can also chat privately with anyone in your Flinks.

Photo Sharing

Flink12 is an ideal way to share photos of children and family that you do not want in the public domain. Just like with your blog posts when you post a photo you can decide who will see your photos whether it be people in your family Flink or people in all of your Flinks. It is easy, fast and free to upload photos to Flink12. You can also include captions on your photos and comment privately on photos that other people post.

Friend Mapping and Alerts

See where your friends are anytime, anywhere. You have a choice to show your location to your Flink friends, family and coworkers or not. This tool is very useful for travelers or friends and relatives across the globe or meeting up with a colleague for lunch. You can also sign up for Flink12 alerts that will advise you when people in your Flinks have updated their own Flink12 profile.

Flink12 Icons

At Flink12 we never forget to play. Flink12 icons are all about expressing yourself in a fun and expressive way. Flink icons are humorous and entertaining and allow you to quickly share your mood, health, activities and events using preset text or by entering your own text. Choose from a number of fun themes such as Moms & Babies, Sports Fans, Diva’s, Teens and Pets. New icons are also on their way. Current icons include: Family, Boy Babies, Girl Babies, Pets, Preggers; Fantasy – Blobs, Bots; Lifestyle – College, Diva, Teen, Work Day; Sports themes – Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, and Racing.

Mobile Access

Use Flink12 on the go with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android. With mobile access you can manage your Flink12 account and follow your friends and family. Post once and Flink12 will update seamlessly on all platforms including the web. Watch the Mobile Access Demo!

The $3,000 Art Contest

Are you ready to make your mark? Enter the Flink12 Global Icon Art Competition to see your art published and promoted on a global social network and win a contract to work for Flink12.

Calling all artists and graphic designers, use your creative genius and enter the Flink12 icon art competition. Become a Flink12 artist with your art featured and promoted globally through the Flink12 network. Design original, fun and highly expressive icons that are used as status update icons for the Flink12 social network. Status update icons are used by hoards of Flinkers every day and are used on the web and on mobile devices by Apple and Android.

Read more about eligibility, preparing your entry, technical requirements, deadlines and the selection process at www.Flink12.com.

If you are selected for publication of a feature set, Flink12 will commission you on a work for hire contract for a minimum US $3,000 contract to create feature icon sets for global publication on Flink12. Flink12 may select more than one artist to create feature icon sets. Artists may also be selected to create custom artwork for other aspects of Flink12.